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Foundation Scholarship Applications
Leads in her major. Researches tirelessly. Earns departmental honors.  

Academic excellence is a point of pride for Chi Omegas. In recognition of the exceptional accomplishments of our members, the Chi Omega Foundation awards scholarships and grants to collegiate and alumnae members.

Chi Omegas of all ages are invited to apply for our national scholarships:

Elizabeth Orman.jpgElizabeth Carmichael Orman Memorial Scholarship
Honoring a past National President, this scholarship assists members enrolled in their junior year of college. In addition to academic and service requirements, applicants must demonstrate a need for financial assistance in order to complete the senior year.

mary love collins.jpgMary Love Collins Memorial Scholarship

Celebrating a former National President's pursuit of education, this scholarship assists members who are enrolled in a full time graduate degree program for the upcoming academic year. Both seniors in college and alumnae members are encouraged to apply.

Alumnae Educational Grant
The Alumnae Educational Grant assists Chi Omega Alumnae members 24 years of age and older who desire to further their education for the purpose of career qualification or advancement. Alumnae in this category are encouraged to apply.

Jan Boyd Blackwell Leading with Integrity Award 
The Jan Boyd Blackwell Leading with Integrity Award is for any initiated Chi Omega collegiate leader in good standing who has upheld the values on which Chi Omega is based during a challenging time. The member can be nominated or nominate herself.

Rowdy and Lucky Shain Scholarship 
Foundation Trustee Melanie Maxwell Shain and husband John established the Rowdy and Lucky Scholarship to honor the immense effect their two cats had on the Shain family. The scholarship is available for a Chi Omega collegian or alumna pursuing degree programs in animal welfare or veterinary medicine.

The Cincinnati Metropolitan Area Alumnae Educational Grant
The Cincinnati Metro Area Alumnae Educational Grant is a program of assistance specifically for Chi Omega Alumnae living in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area who are 24 years and older desiring to further their education. Alumnae in this category are encouraged to apply.

Engineering Impact - Bobbie Banaszak Gleiter Scholarship
Bobbie Banaszak Gleiter is an initiate of Chi Beta Chapter at Purdue University. Bobbie is an accomplished aerospace engineer and an advocate for women in engineering. She established the Engineering Impact - Bobbie Banaszak Gleiter Scholarship fund for Chi Omega collegians and alumnae pursuing a career in engineering.

Scholarship Application Deadlines
Thanks to the generous support of many alumnae and the commitment of our collegiate members the Chi Omega Foundation assists our members through academic and leadership scholarships. This past year, over $140,000 was awarded to deserving Chi Omega alumnae and collegians:

For more information about the scholarship and grant process or to request an application by mail, contact Scholarship and Foundation Ambassador Coordinator Angela Reynolds at or 901/748-8600.

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