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The Eleusis

The Eleusis is the official publication of Chi Omega Fraternity.
In continuous publication since 1899, its mission is to connect Chi Omegas to the national organization by promoting our common experiences, communicating the state of the Fraternity, affirming our values and purposes, highlighting our success stories, and providing resources for the development of women.

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  • Julie Stahle comment posted on 4/19/2015
    As Corresponding Secretary of the Harrisburg Chapter of XO Alumnae, I want to send a change of address for one of our members who has moved into Bethany Village, a lovely apartment complex for the elderly. I find that as our members age, they do not or can not make these changes. Many are still mentally sharp and interested, but hey don't have computers. Change #1: DottieScheffer Hartlieb, Tau Delta, 1941 New Address: 5225 Wilson Lane, # 411 Mechaniscburg, PA 17055 Change #2: Martha Dapp Hempt, Tau Delta, 1939 New Address: 5225 Wilson Lane, # 206 Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Submitted by: Julie Noble Stahle, Sigma Gamma, 1970
  • Kristina Bossi comment posted on 3/20/2014
    I also have not received the Eleusis since I graduated in 2012. All of my info is updated.
  • Carole Blecke comment posted on 2/10/2014
    Have not received a copy of the Eleusis since I moved last May. You have my correct address. Thank you.
  • Nancy English comment posted on 4/26/2013
    Would it be possible to see some articles or quotes from some of our "famous" ChiO's with some info as to why they choose Chi Omega or what was the most memorable thing they took from their experience during their time in the Fraternity. We always hear about their lives now but I would love to know of the days in Chi Omega. Just a thought.:) We are all such interesting women! Nancy English-PA, Psi Delta-University of Wyoming
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