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1377222_1421691978082089_208237687_n.jpgEvery year Chi Omega collegiate chapter welcomes new members into our Sisterhood. Alumnae play a critical role in helping introduce Potential New Members (PNMs) to the chapter.

You can help our collegiate chapters find young women who exhibit Chi Omega's six purposes by signing into EveryDay in order to complete a Recruitment Information Form (RIF). Reference the "Recruitment Information" section on your EveryDay home page. Note: If you leave a comment in the section below, please include your email address or if you would like to contact Chi Omega Executive Headquarters directly, email

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  • Lea Dutton comment posted on 7/22/2015
    I have downloaded the RIF form & completed it for a dear friend of mine's daughter who is going through rush at the University of South Alabama. I saw a previous post to email Camille Solley who is the SRIC for Alabama. However, her email does not recognize me and will not allow her to receive emails from people she hasn't "pre-approved". The automated email I received said to click a link to fill out a form to be "approved" but when I did this, nothing happened. Could I get a phone number for her or another point of contact to send a RIF for someone from Birmingham, AL who will be attending the University of South Alabama? Thank you!
  • Sandra Ferguson comment posted on 7/16/2015
    Your site is impossible!. I cannot print your form or get to the online one. Why do you make this so difficult?
  • Kathy Janusz comment posted on 7/10/2015
    I am trying to send a letter of recommendation for my niece whom will be attending University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Please let me know how I can mail a letter and introduce my niece, not an RIF form. Thanks!
  • Ann Appleton comment posted on 7/10/2015
    I am looking for the contact info for the recruitment chair for the University of Alabama. This is to mail a letter of recommendation or introduction of a girl not a RIF form. Thanks!
  • Kristen Knight comment posted on 7/10/2015
    Looking for the Dallas area ARIC for student attending Woodrow Wilson H.S, and also for a student graduating from Plano East.
  • Amy Nagle comment posted on 7/9/2015
    I am unable to find the link to the Online RIF, if anyone knows how to access the link, please let me know! Thanks!
  • Adrienne Hotchkiss comment posted on 7/7/2015
    Since when did Chi Omega stop considering grandmothers as a legacy? I have a granddaughter who will be going off to college where there is a Chi Omega mother was also a Chi Omega..also, you now want two signatures on your RIF forms. I do not live near an Alumni assoc...why have someone sign this form, when they haven't a clue who and what my granddaughter is about..
  • Melinda Ortego Loustalot comment posted on 6/24/2015
    Please any sisters help with finding ARIC in Baton Rouge for LSU student. .email me LICO Melinda Ortego Loustalot
  • Emagene Moore comment posted on 6/20/2015
    Who is recruitment advisor for the UCLA chapter Emagene Moore
  • Susan Bailey comment posted on 6/15/2015
    Looking for a local alum for a high school graduate from Ft. Payne, Alabama (DeKalb county) Will she need a chapter rec or can individuals who are not in her town write a rec? Susan Todd Bailey AB '71
    • Terry Killian comment posted on 6/20/2015
      Camille Solley is the SRIC for the state of Alabama and she has points of contact for RIFs in most every area of the state. You can email Camille at If there is no one in Ft. Payne, Camille will be able to sign as the second signature required to release the PNM. I'm assuming you know the PNM personally and Camille will want to know that. Good Luck. Terry Chandler Killian, President, Huntsville Alumnae Chapter, 256-534-9753
  • Margaret Laymac comment posted on 6/13/2015
    Hello, Am trying to find a Aric for the zip code 30041 in Georgia , have been unable to reset password to get into chi o everyday, in order to look. If anyone knows who it would be and the address, please let me know- thx!
  • Emagene Moore comment posted on 5/20/2015
    Am looking for recruitment chairman for Seattle area Emagene Moore
    • Emagene Moore comment posted on 5/20/2015
      2nd post - area code for Seattle is 98020 Am not sure how many recruitment people are in Seattle. Emagene Moore
    • Emagene Moore comment posted on 6/15/2015
      ARIC Name & email, phone for Edmonds Woodway HS, Edmonds WA Emagene Moore
  • Arlene Wangsness comment posted on 4/23/2015
    Hello Sister! Looking for contact info for Kappa chapter, University of Nebraska. The email for the recruitment chair seems to be incorrect. Also, as an aunt, can I write a letter of support? Is there a form. Thank you!
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 4/24/2015
      Hi Arlene, Chi Omega recommends that a non-family member write a recommendation for a PNM; however, if you would like to send a letter of support in addition, that's fine. The UNL Chi Omega contact information is here:
  • Kristen Knight comment posted on 3/19/2015
    Hello! I should probably know this, but I can't write a rec for my own daughter who is planning to go through Rush at University of OK, correct?
  • Elaine Hazleton comment posted on 2/22/2015
    Any idea when the website will be up for finding the ARIC for Keller, Texas? The zip is 76248 for all of Keller High School. Kendall Hazleton will be attending the University do Oklahoma Fall 2015. With the website down, I'm stuck. Thank you, Elaine Hazleton 512-793-6842
  • Jessica Gales comment posted on 2/11/2015
    Hello! Where is the online RIF. May someone help me with this? Thank you! Jessica Gales
  • Barbara Ponder comment posted on 10/27/2014
    To whom do we send RIFS for recruitment at Baylor University? Thank you, Barbara Ponder
  • Beth DeChaine comment posted on 9/16/2014
    I would really appreciate confirmation that the recommendation that I completed on Margaret Wall for the University of Mississippi Chapter was received. Thanks so much,
  • Linda Toland comment posted on 9/12/2014
    I'd like to know if the RIF I filled out for Megan Hutton, University of Oregon was received. Many thanks,
  • Ellen House comment posted on 9/9/2014
    When are RIFS due for Indiana University?
  • Emily Foong comment posted on 9/7/2014
    Hi! I am also unable to access the online RIF to recommend my sister to UIllinois - Urbana Champaign. I have been so busy with my move to London I hope it's not too late! I look forward to hearing from Chi Omega soon. Warm regards, Emily -
    • Emily Foong comment posted on 9/7/2014
      Just as a quick addendum. I have completed a PDF version of the RIF. I just need guidance on where/who I should submit it to. Thanks again!
  • Yesenia Diaz comment posted on 9/5/2014
    Hello! I am unable to access the online RIF. I'd like to recommend a girl to U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Can you please help? Best, Yesenia
  • Alison Miller comment posted on 8/31/2014
    I have the same problem - the rec doesn't come up even in chrome. How do I recommend a girl going to U of Oregon this year (in addiiton to my own daughter)... Thank you
  • Kimberly Finke comment posted on 8/27/2014
    Have spent 30 minutes, and still am unable to find a simple area where I can give a young lady a RIF. Why make it so difficult? Please provide step by step - anyone! I'm super tech smart, but not for the Chi O site! Thanks.I need to complete this tonight!
  • Cynda Hagan comment posted on 8/25/2014
    I am trying to help my aunt (she was a Chi Omega at Oregon State) obtain a recruitment information form so she can recommend her niece. She does not use a computer. How can I get a pdf to print for her?
  • Bri Aplin comment posted on 8/19/2014
    I cannot access the online RIF. Please send me a link to download form. Thank you, Bri
  • Lucy Gentry comment posted on 8/17/2014
    Hi! I am unable to access the online RIF. Can you please help? I do have an account. Thank you, Lucy Gentry
  • Miriam Brown comment posted on 8/8/2014
    How do I find words to chi o songs?
  • Becky Macmillan comment posted on 8/5/2014
    I'm trying to complete an online RIF for a young woman who has lived in Canada for 9 years. Her high school did not use a GPA system. This is preventing me from completing an online RIF. I'm frustrated. This seems more difficult than it needs to be. I'm guessing we miss lots of great girls because the site is user unfriendly and confusing. Thanks.
  • Jennifer Sherrill comment posted on 8/5/2014
    I am completing a RIF and looking for contact info for a Dallas ARIC. Thanks!!
  • Carolyn Scott comment posted on 8/3/2014
    I am completing a paper RIF for a friend's daughter. Is there an ARIC near Rumson or Holmdel, NJ?
    • Janice Bowen comment posted on 6/16/2015
      I'm completing a RIF for a close friend in Scottsdale, AZ. I am doing it in print form. Who is the Area Recruitment Information Chair for the Scottsdale area. She attends Scottsdale Christian Academy.
  • Amy O'Brien comment posted on 8/3/2014
    I just submitted an online RIF for Taylor Sawyer. I signed back in to make sure I could see where it was submitted, and it's not showing as such. I clicked the "edit" button, and it showed the first part of the form, but the rest was blank. It took me quite some time to complete it. I am really hoping I am just somehow not seeing it. If I could get a response as to whether or not it's been received I would appreciate it. Thanks
  • Amy O'Brien comment posted on 8/3/2014
    I didn't include my email address on my previous comment. It is Thank you
  • Amy O'Brien comment posted on 8/3/2014
    I am attempting to submit a RIF. This process is exceedingly user unfriendly. I am unable to create an account; I am getting a message stating I already have an account (I am 100% positive I do not). I have never been to this site. I am now awaiting an email with login info. since I can't get in. Is there any place to download an RIF form? I am willing to fill it out by hand and mail it. I am hoping it is not too late...very frustrating.
  • Samantha Williams comment posted on 7/31/2014
    Does anyone know who I would send a RIF needing a second signature to, if the PNM is from Nutley, New Jersey? I couldn't find it on here. Thank you!!
  • Jennifer Hanks Chaltain comment posted on 7/30/2014
    I need to write a RIF for a young lady attending University of South Alabama? How do I go about doing this? I receive emails from the fraternity, but I have not logged into this website before. Thank you for your help.
  • Meg Comes comment posted on 7/30/2014
    What is the due date for recs to The University of Tennessee? I have two terrific young ladies to recommend from Memphis. Thank you!
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/30/2014
      Meg, be on the lookout for an email reply from Chi Omega!
  • Randi Platko comment posted on 7/28/2014
    Please change the RIF online process to allow an upload of a resume. I do not feel comfortable copying and pasting with the limit of 2000 characters.
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/30/2014
      Randi, please call the Executive Headquarters so we can help you with the online RIF! Our team is happy to explain more of the "whys" and "hows" over the phone. Thank you for your willingness to fill out a RIF!
  • Cheryl Matchett comment posted on 7/27/2014
    it is not user friendly to provide a RIF!
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/30/2014
      Cheryl, Please feel free to call the Executive Headquarters with questions! 901-748-8600. We are happy to help!
  • Kathleen Blum comment posted on 7/27/2014
    Do I need to advise you that my daughter will be rushing and is a Chi Omega legacy or is that handled locally through the University that she will start attending this fall?
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/28/2014
      Kathleen -- make sure your daughter indicates that she is a Chi Omega legacy on her registration form, and provides your name and initiating chapter. I would encourage you to see if a Chi Omega friend would write a letter of support for your daughter to the chapter or submit a recruitment information form. The instructions for filling out a RIF are above!
  • Cheryl Matchett comment posted on 7/27/2014
    I want to provide a RIF for an outstanding young woman who will be a perfect Chi Omega! ... how do I do this?
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/28/2014
      Cheryl, If you follow the instructions above and log into your EveryDay account, you will see a box on the home screen that says "Recruitment Information." From there, you have the option to either submit a RIF online, or you can download the RIF form and mail. Hope this helps!
  • Suzanne Stein comment posted on 7/24/2014
    I have completed a RIF for a PNM going to Baylor. Does she also need LOS? I do not think she knows any Chi O other than myself. This is an outstanding young lady and she would be a terrific asset. What should I do? Thanks
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/28/2014
      Suzanne, if you have additional information about the PNM that you would like to share in the letter of support that you didn't share in the RIF, then a LOS would be helpful to the chapter.
  • Abigail King comment posted on 7/19/2014
    I would like to write a letter of support for a girl who does already have a submitted rec. Can I submit this online? She is going through rush at UT Knoxville. Thanks!
  • Kim McCormick comment posted on 7/15/2014
    Can I add a picture to a RIF on-line after it has been submitted?
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/15/2014
      Kim, unfortunately edits cannot be made to a RIF that is already submitted. However, if you email the photo to, along with the PNM's name, we can help make sure the photo gets to the right person. Thanks!
  • Jennifer Handke comment posted on 7/15/2014
    If I saved a RIF in process....should I find it near the RIF I submitted in the past? Or is it hiding somewhere else :) Thanks!
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/15/2014
      Hi Jennifer, your RIF should be listed with any RIF they have submitted. If it’s not there, then unfortunately it didn't save for some reason. If you log into your profile, then click on the "Submit" in the widget If you login to your profile, then click on the "Submit Online Recruitment Information Form" you should see any pending or completed RIFs. We recommend that you use browsers other than Internet Explorer, as we have seen occassional glitches in submitting RIFs with this browser. Please email with further questions.
  • Sheri Salter Lilley comment posted on 7/14/2014
    I have been clicking the link to reset my password on but I never get an email to do so. I have checked the spam folder but the function does not appear to be working. Please advise as I wish to upload a RIF ASAP!
  • Katherine Bodron comment posted on 7/10/2014
    I clicked submit but it does not look like the RIF submitted. It did not save either even though I clicked that too. Was it received?
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/11/2014
      Hi Katherine, I would suggest emailing to see if it went through. Please include the PNM's name and school. Thank you! Whitney Plumpton
  • Terry Moos comment posted on 7/9/2014
    I need contact information for the chapter recruitment advisor for Washington State University (Beta Beta). I can't find it on the website. Thanks!
  • Lynn Stanford comment posted on 7/8/2014
    Where on the website can I look up my ARIC? Thanks- Lynn
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/8/2014
      Lynn, if you log into, when the main screen pulls up, you will see a section that's called "Recruitment Information." Below that, you will see a link that says "Find a recruitment volunteer in your area." There, you will find the ARIC. If you have more questions, feel free to email
  • Heather Kos comment posted on 7/7/2014
    I need to do a letter of rec for a woman attending university of Oklahoma in the fall. Do I do this online or hard mail and do I need a second signature? If so, who? I live in st. Charles, il.
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/8/2014
      Heather, if you fill out the online RIF, it will automatically direct the RIF to the ARIC who will be the second signature. To fill out an online RIF, log into and you will see a section that's called "Recruitment Information." From there, click "Submit Online Recruitment Form."
  • Melissa Jakeman Mitchell comment posted on 7/6/2014
    My niece will be attending Auburn this fall, and I'd like to complete a RIF for her. But, we don't live in the same town. Can I still complete a RIF? Or, can I only write a letter of support? Thanks!
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/8/2014
      Melissa, you are welcome and encouraged to fill out a RIF for her or write a letter of support! You do not need to live in the same town.
  • Ann Scanlon comment posted on 7/1/2014
    Do I prepare a RIF for my daugher or would that be better coming from another Chi Omega alum?
    • Whitney Plumpton comment posted on 7/8/2014
      Ann, please make sure your daughter indicates she is a Chi Omega legacy when she registers for recruitment with the college or university. We recommend that RIFs for legacies be written by someone other than the mother or sister, but you are certainly welcome to write a letter of support to the chapter.
  • Christina Hogan comment posted on 6/24/2014
    I need the name of the ARIC for Mission Hills/Shawnee Mission, Kansas--please help! thanks
    • Ellen Paulus comment posted on 6/29/2014
      Found it! Jodi Maynard 901 Pawnee Dr Paola, KS 66071
  • Joan Emrich comment posted on 6/23/2014
    I just submitted an RIF for a young lady who will be a Junior this fall at Mississippi State. We both live in Sarasota FL. Do I need to get a second signature from the ARIC? If so, who is that person and her email address. Thank you
  • Julie Wallace comment posted on 6/23/2014
    Does the RIF need to include a high school transcript?
  • Whitney Heckathorne comment posted on 6/18/2014
    Victoria -- The online RIF and the printed RIF contain the exact same information. The chapter will be happy to accept either!
    • Victoria Rooney comment posted on 6/26/2014
      Thank you very much!
  • Victoria Rooney comment posted on 6/18/2014
    I am filling out a RIF for a wonderful lady attending U of Alabama this fall. Is it better to send it online or through the mail? The Nu Beta website did not state a preference, but I do not want her to be at a disadvantage if I submit online instead of by mail. Any advice?
  • Katie West Leathers comment posted on 6/11/2014
    I'm trying to log in so that I can do a req. letter for a young lady. It says it can't find my member information. I am new to the site but was initiated and am now an alumni. Please help!
  • Christie Loveless comment posted on 6/7/2014
    Can I submit a RIF online? I do not see a link. Thanks!
    • Whitney Heckathorne comment posted on 6/9/2014
      Christie -- Log in to "My EveryDay" (the red button at the top of this page) and when you are logged in, you will see a box called "Recruitment Info." In that box, there will be a link that says "Submit a Recruitment Information Form Online." -- Whitney Heckathorne, Director of Marketing & Public Relations
  • Erica Denny comment posted on 6/5/2014
    Hello! Is there a deadline to complete at RIF vs. a recommendation letter for UT-Austin?! Thanks so much!
    • Wendy Simmons comment posted on 7/15/2014
      I want to write a RIF for my niece for Clemson University. They say you don't have a RIF - isn't it required for Chi Omega?
  • Cassie Carter comment posted on 6/3/2014
    When are RIFs due for Texas A&M Fall 2014 recruitment? Thanks!
  • Beth Hull comment posted on 5/28/2014
    I need the ARIC for Granbury Texas. I have an outstanding PNM going to Texas Tech and I want to send her completed packet to the correct place. Can anybody help? Thanks
  • Caroline Dale comment posted on 5/27/2014
    How long do you have to hold your alumni status before you can start writing RIFs?
    • Whitney Heckathorne comment posted on 5/27/2014
      Caroline -- Any alumna may write a RIF for a potential new member. - Whitney Heckathorne, Chi Omega Director of Marketing & PR
  • Randee Skloff comment posted on 4/12/2014
    I was sent a RIF to fill out for a long time family friend. I' have filled out the papers and am trying to find out where to mail the forms. She is at Auburn U. PLEASE tell me where to mail this.
    • Kristina Higgins comment posted on 4/25/2014
      You need to send it to her hometown Area Recruitment Info Chair if you want to engage her hometown in getting support for her. Those are listed online under the Everyday link.
  • Karen Brewer comment posted on 11/16/2013
    I would like to recommend a young woman, currently a Freshman at Baylor University as a potential new Chi O. Since the recruitment form requires a 2d signature would you be able to let me know who the ARIC in the Dallas area is? I would appreciate it.
    • Kristina Higgins comment posted on 4/22/2014
      Hi Karen, What part of Dallas is the girl from? We are divided by geography since Dallas is so big. I help with North Dallas/Hebron Area...we are a new Panhell and I'm the Frat Ed Chair. Let me know if I can help, Kristina Higgins
  • Tracy Uhrig comment posted on 11/7/2013
    I just completed an entire RIF and it wouldn't let me download it. I saved it and then logged out so I could try to submit it again. Now, I can't find it. Where does it go after you save it?
  • Susan Bush comment posted on 9/10/2013
    I have two young ladies from Appleton, WI who I know well that are very interested in the recolonizing of the Minnesota chapter. They are both awesome and are of outstanding character. How do I send a RIF to a chapter that is recolonizing? Yours, Susan Miller Bush Pi
  • Dudley Davis comment posted on 9/9/2013
    How do I find out if a girl I recommended pledged Chi O?
    • Kristina Higgins comment posted on 4/22/2014
      Most college Panhellenic offices post their new members online at the University. Also some collegiate Chi Omega websites list their new member class...just depends on the school.
  • Vasiliki Diamantis comment posted on 8/29/2013
    I am a Zeta Alpha alumni who would like to recommend my niece as a future Chi Omega at Chapel Hill University, North Carolina. What and how do I submit my recommendation. Please advise. Thank you
    • Kristina Higgins comment posted on 4/22/2014
      The recommendation needs to come from a Chi Omega alum...I would advise her to contact her local area Panhellenic group where she went to high school...they likely have a Chi Omega alum that can direct you from there.
  • Alexandra Esau comment posted on 8/12/2013
    I am an active member of Chi Omega and my friend has asked me to write her a RIF to be a Chi Omega at a different chapter. It is my understanding that I cannot write here a RIF because of my active status, but is there any thing I can do for her? Please help! LYSICO!
    • Kristina Higgins comment posted on 4/22/2014
      Some schools will recognize a letter of just depends on the university. At most schools, she will need a RIF, which does need to come from an alum.
  • Donna Knoell comment posted on 8/10/2013
    Please send me the name of the alumnae recruitment chair for the greater Kansas City area. I want to be sure that they have recommendations on two girls who are going through recruitment at Kansas State University. Thanks. Donna Knoell,
  • Alison Mewborne comment posted on 8/2/2013
    I sent a recommendation to University of Florida on line. Back in th e"old" days we did paper RIFs with two signatures. How do we do the second signature or is that not required? thanks
    • Kristina Higgins comment posted on 4/22/2014
      The RIF goes to the ARIC or the SRIC who signs the form once you hit submit.
  • Kelley Jarrett comment posted on 7/29/2013
    I just completed a RIF under a candidate's full name, where others used her nickname/preferred name (the name she uses on her resume) - will these accounts be linked automatically or should i edit mine with her preferred nickname? Hope that makes sense :)
  • Amy Winter comment posted on 7/25/2013
    I would like to write a letter of recommendation for a wonderful young woman who will be attending the University of Colorado/Boulder in the Fall. What is the best way to do this?
    • Whitney Heckathorne comment posted on 7/25/2013
      Amy, We are delighted to hear you would like to write a RIF. When you sign into our member website,, you will see a section called "Recruitment Information." You can either fill out a recommendation online ("Submit an Online RIF")and follow the step-by-step instructions, or you can click "Download a Recruitment Information Form & Instructions" and mail a hard copy. For further questions, email Thanks! Whitney, Director of Marketing & PR
    • Amy Winter comment posted on 7/25/2013
      Thank you!
  • Sheila Kerber comment posted on 7/22/2013
    I filled out the online RIF. I selected 'save' rather than 'submit' as I would like to add some more information later. Where can I go to find the RIF when I am ready to complete it?
  • Charlotte Perry comment posted on 7/20/2013
    I am the ARIC for San Diego County, California. Can I submit an Online RIF or am I just allowed to approve a RIF submitted by another Chi Omega member?
    • Mary Wilner comment posted on 7/23/2013
      I have the same problem. Please help!
    • Whitney Heckathorne comment posted on 7/23/2013
      Charlotte and Mary, As an ARIC, you can create an online RIF for a potential new member that you would like to recommend. If the young woman lives in the area that you cover as an ARIC and there is not another ARIC covering the area with you, you may approve your own RIF. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, you may request that the SRIC for your state approve the RIF.
  • Rebecca Joslin-Davis comment posted on 7/17/2013
    I'm unable to "Create Account", info not found, when I'm trying to sign in to complete an RIF. What should I try next?
    • Kristina Higgins comment posted on 4/22/2014
      You need your membership number to create the account's on your Eleusis or you can obtain by emailing Chi Omega nationally. Once you are in the everyday section, the form is right there under 'recruitment'.
  • Kelli Ray comment posted on 7/17/2013
    I recently submitted two RIF's but have not received a confirmation on either and when I log in and go to the RIF page, it doesn't show that I have submitted any.
    • Whitney Heckathorne comment posted on 7/18/2013
      Kelli, It sounds like you are most likely using Internet Explorer. We have had issues with IE “losing” RIFs when members hit submit. Our site suggests using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome but many people don’t read the top of the page. If you can get the names of the PNMs to, we can verify if there is a RIF in the system. Thanks!
  • Sandy Sartor comment posted on 7/14/2013
    I love the new online RIF process. I completed my RIF without a hitch and quickly received a confirmation email. Thank you, and best wishes for a great rush (oops, "recruitment!")
  • Donna Stephenson comment posted on 7/10/2013
    The new online RIF process is amazing! After years of doing RIFs with lots of paperwork and postage, this is so helpful! I just completed 3 RIFs for neighborhood girls during my lunch break. By getting the girls resume and photo electronically, it made the process so simple to just copy, paste and upload. Thank you for this great improvement!
  • Brenda McAllister comment posted on 7/5/2013
    Does a PNM need to have more than one RIF sent by different persons ?
  • Kendel Srader comment posted on 6/20/2013
    I need to print up a RIF. I followed the link and the link isn't working. Any suggestions?
    • Fayne Howle comment posted on 7/7/2013
      The printable RIFS were working a few weeks ago but not today. If you send an online RIF with picture attachment, do you still need to do the snail mail two signature deal? Thanks.
  • Judith Black comment posted on 6/20/2013
    I am sending in a recommendation to Texas A&M. They require a recommendation letter, but do I also need to complete a RIF?
    • Fayne Howle comment posted on 7/7/2013
      I would do a RIF just to make sure!
    • Kristina Higgins comment posted on 4/22/2014
      I think you are talking about the same thing. A&M wants a RIF. I'm the Frat Ed Chair for North Dallas, so we have lots of girls attending A&M, too.
  • Mary Beth Cannon comment posted on 6/13/2013
    If you submit your RIF online, how do you obtain the RIF chair's signature?
  • Krista Dyess-Lyons comment posted on 5/15/2013
    I have a RIF I need to submit. How can I do this on the Chi O web site?
    • Diane Brown comment posted on 5/28/2013
      I can't find the online RIF form either. Any advice is appreciated
    • Whitney Heckathorne comment posted on 5/29/2013
      Krista and Diane -- To access the online RIF or to print out a paper version of the RIF, log in to Once you are logged in, you will see a box in the main column that says "Recruitment Information." In that box, you will see a link to get started filling out an online RIF for a potential new member (PNM) or you can click "Download a Recruitment Information Form."
  • Margot McGuire comment posted on 4/24/2013
    When I load a picture, the filename shows below the browse button, but when I save it and come back in later to edit the document, it no longer shows. Is the picture saved with the file?
    • Jenny Nettles comment posted on 4/25/2013
      I had the same issue, but changed my browser to Google and then the photo showed and I knew it was saved. Try a different browser. I'm not saying that it is not saved using your current browser, but this way I knew that it was saved.
  • Lindsay Barnes comment posted on 4/2/2013
    As the SRIC for Arizona I have to thank the National Organization for creating this new and improved process. What a positive change! Love that we now have the photo upload function as well!
  • Missie Noel comment posted on 10/3/2012
    The new online RIF procedure is user-friendly and very practical! I'm so proud that Chi Omega is the first national sorority to utilize this convenient and innovative new technology for recruitment! Way to go, Chi O!
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