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Missouri Chi Omegas Anchor the News!

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Missouri Chi Omegas Anchor the News!

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Maggie Miller, left, and Heather Trumpfheller, both Rho Alpha initiates from the University of Missouri, anchor the 6 p.m. newscasts at the NBC station in Mid-Missouri, KOMU 8 News.

"Maggie and I are both seniors at the University of Missouri pursuing broadcast journalism, and have also been very involved with the Rho Alpha Chapter of Chi Omega, as well! Maggie has served as dance director for Homecoming and led Greek Week, while I served on Rho Alpha's Executive Board as Panhellenic Delegate. Additionally, both of us have served as Cardinal Cabinet directors. Somehow, between our school work and involvement with Chi Omega, we find time to anchor the newscasts at the NBC station in Mid Missouri, KOMU 8 News. While we are both graduating in May and don't know where we will end up, it's been a blast getting to make memories with such a great Sister, in the chapter and in the newsroom!" - Heather Trumpfheller, Rho Alpha/U of Missouri

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  • Beth Haney comment posted on 10/3/2012
    Way to go, Rho Alpha! I just keep reading more and more accomplishments. Thanks for carrying on our great tradition of excellence! BS Ed, 1979
  • Cyndi Myers comment posted on 10/3/2012
    Reading great stories about great chapter sisters on a great new website!! Hoot Hoot!
  • LeAnn Judah McLendon comment posted on 10/3/2012
    What a great story!
  • Brittany Arias comment posted on 10/3/2012
    It's so cool being able to have those experiences with a sister! XO love and mine
  • ErinSifuentes comment posted on 10/3/2012
    Sending ChiO Love out to all the sisters who work in the TV biz, myself included!!! Go ChiO
  • Erin Murray comment posted on 10/3/2012
    Rho Alpha is so proud of these two sisters!! We miss you!
  • Ricole Glenn Woods comment posted on 10/3/2012
    If there were ever a sister I could say exemplified the Chi Omega Symphony it would be my best friend and fellow Chi Omega sister, Sarah Cook. She is always showing me ways to live out my life as a better person, sister and friend. Her wise council has carried me through many tough times over our 10 year friendship and I am grateful for her and her inspirations in my life. I love you Sarah!--XO love, Ricole Woods, Beta Gamma/U of Lousville Alumna
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