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NYC Alums Help Elderly from Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

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NYC Alums Help Elderly from Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Members of the New York City Alumnae Chapter are Making a Difference in the lives of their Sisters.

It is no secret that Hurricane Sandy exhausted the Northeast. Local Chi Omega alumnae acted quickly to offer their support during this time of need.

New York City Alumnae Chapter President Jessica Roffe (Pi Epsilon/Roanoke College) said that they "heard stories of seniors being stuck in apartments with no power, unable to take the stairs without elevator service, and wanted to make sure our most valuable alumnae were provided for."

Members of the New York City Alumnae Chapter called and/or made a visit to check on the safety of the twenty-four elderly Chi Omegas living in the five boroughs of New York City. Additionally, they reached out to thirty-two alumnae living in the hardest-hit areas, Staten Island, Far Rockaway, and Long Island City. Fortunately, everyone they were able to reach were safe and appreciative of a thoughtful call from a Sister.

NYC ChiO Volunteer 10.11.12.jpg

On Sunday, November 11, 2012, Chi Omega Sisters gathered at St. Jacobi Church in Sunset Park in Brooklyn to get volunteer assignments for the day. As they drove to their designated locations, it "looked like something out of a bad movie. Everything people owned was out on the street. Ruined from the flooding and sand." A few Chi Omegas worked at a distribution center handing out donated items to lines of people, a few walked door-to-door taking requests for needed supplies, and a few gutted a home to remove destroyed furnishings.

Additionally, many members of the New York City Alumnae Chapter Book Club are also currently working on a volunteer drive called "Blankets, Buckets, Batteries, and Baby Diapers for Sandy."

182529_664460494118_418758296_n.jpg 207530_664458867378_1692949962_n.jpg
(Left) Beth Connors (Iota Gamma/Centenary College) and her friend, Janet, handling the first aid in one of the local distribution centers. (Right)Cora Walker (Phi Alpha/George Washington U) and Melissa Leidl (Tau Delta/Gettysburg College) work to move miscellaneous donations off the stage to make room for a medical clinic.

Before & after shots of the hard-hit venue, Beekman Beer Garden, where the NYC alumnae group gathered for an eventjust last month.

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful Chi Omega Sisters in NYC who made a difference in the lives of so many!

Beth Connors (Iota Gamma/Centenary College)
Cora Walker (Phi Alpha/George Washington U)
Melissa Leidl (Tau Delta/Gettysburg College)
Ilyssa Berger (Phi Alpha/George Washington U)
Katie Davis (Omicron/U of Illinois)
Phanessa Pappas (Psi Mu/U of Central Florida)
Jessica Roffe (Pi Epsilon/Roanoke College)
Erika Berger (Tau Mu/Washington U)
Not Pictured Above:
Sabrina McGuigan (Phi Mu, Lehigh U)
Tiffany Frank (Chi Alpha/Tufts U)
Sarah Theobald (Phi Lambda/Franklin & Marshall College)
Stephanie Olmsted (Chi Epsilon/U of Evansville)

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