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NPC Chairman Jean Mrasek Visits Alma Mater

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NPC Chairman Jean Mrasek Visits Alma Mater

 jean visit to epsilon gamma.jpg
Sister Jean Mrasek visits Epsilon Gamma!

The Epsilon Gamma Chapter at The University of Tulsa welcomed NPC Chairman Jean Mrasek for a fabulous visit on October 1st.  During her time with her initiating chapter, Jean was able to join their Panhellenic meeting, formal dinner, executive board meeting, new member meeting, and also attend chapter meeting!

2013 marks an exciting time in Chi Omega history as Chi Omega rolls into the NPC Chairman position.  A Chi Omega only serves in this position every 52 years...and we have the honor of having Sister Jean Mrasek as the NPC Chairman.

Comment below to show your support for Sister Jean Mrasek as she takes on such an important role! Hoot, hoot!

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