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Chi Omega Fraternity Reviews Actions of Penn State Chapter

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Chi Omega Fraternity Reviews Actions of Penn State Chapter


The Governing Council of Chi Omega Fraternity placed its Nu Gamma Chapter at Pennsylvania State University on probation effective Monday, due to members portraying inappropriate and untrue ethnic stereotypes at a social function. 

Chi Omega's national headquarters staff is working closely with the university and Panhellenic Council on campus to implement corrective educational directives for the chapter. 

"I am disappointed in the choices made by our Nu Gamma Chapter members and we regret any pain caused," said Chi Omega's National President Letitia Fulkerson. "We are taking this situation very seriously. Chi Omega does not condone behavior that violates our organization's policy on human dignity." 

The Fraternity expects its members to share and promote the belief that self-respect, esteem, and a respect for others are necessary ingredients for healthy relationships with all members of the Penn State community.

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  • Katelyn Jefferies comment posted on 12/30/2012
    As an active member of my Chi-O chapter i am disappointed in these girls. We have had many celebrations with mexican food but supporting these cultures and encouraging many cultures to join our sisterhood. These signs these girls used were supposedly just a joke? I am not sure that they understand what they have done to themselves and to every Chi Omega. What one does effects us all.
  • HannahPals comment posted on 12/11/2012
    They haven't learned at all. One of their members made a FB status "we are still amazing. no matter what. the picture was a joke. nothing else. they need to learn how to take a joke. it wasnt meant to be racist agaisnt mexicans. it was just a JOKE!" and then "honestly people are stupid. its a picture. people need to calm down." ....really? People are stupid? it was cruel and insensitive.
  • Brad Wilson comment posted on 12/9/2012
    Instead of throwing stones, I propose a solution that would be beneficial to the Chi Omega national sorority, the Penn State chapter and Penn State University. There is a latina currently studying at Pitt in the English Language Institute. She is Honduran and has the goal of becoming a doctor, repairing cleft palates. She is a bright, beautiful young woman who would be an excellent addition to Penn State University - and maybe the Chi O family. Just think if a year from now, the media came back and told the story of a Latina coming into Chi Omega at PSU and how wounds had been healed.
  • Marisol Nava comment posted on 12/8/2012
    It is very disappointing to have seen this racist portrayal by the Nu Gamma Chapter of Chi-Omega.As a Latina New Member in my Chi-O chapter, I felt so unwelcome by this picture, to see that not all chapters share/respect the same values that Chi Omega has to offer is really saddening. I hope the Council does more than put them in probation but to address the problem Nationally for this won't occur. I hope that the Nu Gamma chapter sincerely realizes how offensive and hurtful their picture was not only to Hispanics/Latinos/Chicanos/Mexicans but to their Chi Omega sisters.
  • LizW822 comment posted on 12/8/2012
    Clearly my Chi Omega sisters at Penn State have not abided by the words of our Symphony and the values represented. I pray, through earnest dedication to repentance and diversity education in the community (rather than in the classroom), they will be enlightened and brought back to the ideals upon which our organization was founded. If not, probation should lead quickly to revocation of their charter.
  • Marisa Linda comment posted on 12/7/2012
    I am beyond outraged that this act of hate towards a community only received a sanction that amounts to a slap on the wrist. In my opinion, probation is an insult to not only the target of this racist behavior but also to the current Latina members of Chi Omega. This chapter should lose its status as a registered organization at Penn State. More must be done, either to articulate what specifically probation entails and what active education will take place on a national level for all members at Chi Omega. I can tell you this, if greater steps are not taken to address this issue and the calls for appropriate sanctions from the Latino community (and others), the narrative will forever be that Chi Omega is a racist organization that is no place for Latinas or people of color. The choice is yours, to take the high road and demonstrate that you live your values and have a commitment to diversity or the latter....and just place the chapter on probation and move on. I will be very disappointed if this is the end to this story. You have an opportunity in front of you ladies to make a strong move towards human dignity....I sincerely hope you reconsider this corrective action and take it.
  • Oscar Alarcon comment posted on 12/6/2012
    I am disappointed in the choices made by Nu Gamma. As a Hispanic male I do not smoke weed or drink Corona beer. Working in a white man world this just adds fuel to the untrue ethnic stereotypes that I deal with everyday.. I do hope that this picture haunts them in the future!!
  • Linda Wise comment posted on 12/6/2012
    I was shocked to see that of all the sororities at Penn State to have made the news about this completely insensitive and inappropriate behavior, that it was a Chi Omega chapter. I am a former advisor for the Psi Zeta chapter (University of Houston), where many of the sisters are of Mexican American heritage. They are sweet, beautiful girls who exemplify the Chi Omega Symphony. I am so glad that our national headquarters has taken action against the Penn State chapter, and yet I know this is just the first step in educating our members about the diverse cultures represented in our country and in our various chapters. My own daughter, who was adopted, is Latina, and I look forward to the day she goes to college and can be given as much consideration as other Chi Omega legacies.
  • Adriana Elaine Dominguez comment posted on 12/6/2012
    As a Mexican-American sister of the Beta Alpha (University of Pennsylvania) chapter of Chi Omega, I was particularly heart broken by this story. I hope that our national headquarters will take this seriously and educate our fellow sisters on the value of diversity in our organization as a reflection of the people of our great nation. I think a formal apology in the Eleusis is appropriate as well.
  • Kristen McNutt comment posted on 12/6/2012
    This is a disappointing story to read in the news about our organization, and certainly isn't a reflection of all our active chapters. Hopefully Nu Gamma will do what they can to rectify this offense. It's a good teachable moment for our other active members.
  • nicolefiorella comment posted on 12/6/2012
    Happy to see the swift actions of our Governing Council. "To be womanly always..."
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