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Our Sisterhood is real.

Real Sisters. Real Friendships. Real Fun.

Every year, over 6,000 undergraduate women across America join Chi Omega for fun and lifelong friendships.  Chi Omegas are involved on their campuses, in their communities, and in their work places—providing limitless opportunities for well-rounded fun!  Our policies help keep our members safe and create an environment where young women can develop and flourish.  In Chi Omega, you will make fond memories, a strong foundation for leadership, and best friends you'll ever have!  

Friendship is what binds people together.  Friends are a source of support, self-esteem, affection, and fun.  Friendships in Chi Omega span across geography and generations.  You have heard the term "Sisterhood"—this is the close bond of friendship that our Sisters experience every day.  

Check out what real Sisterhood looks like!

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  • KalleTC comment posted on 10/3/2012
    So glad that Chi Omega continues to progress as a sisterhood, Women's Fraternity, and one of the largest National donors to Make A Wish #ChiOmegaYoursForever
  • Justine Chelette comment posted on 10/3/2012
    Love the new site design! My favorite part is the Sisterhood Slideshow showing the fun and personal side of sisterhood, as well as showcasing how diverse Chi Omega is.
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